Welcome to the ℳOODRING☾★。∙

Welcome to the MoodRing★, an astrology themed bar located in Olde Town. Come enjoy seasonal cocktails and stargaze at the clear sky. Keep track of astrological happenings and read your horoscope with our dream's zodiac system :) This dream is a casual OOC hangout spot, but roleplay is welcome! Feel free to stop by and say hi, or idle amongst the stars. For a quick warp, use this dream link.

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Dream Commands

Under Construction.

Say !commands in game to get the full list.

The silent prefix for all commands is ! (exclamation mark).


Getting Started

Hover over the middle ds buttons to see what they do!

This dream has its own zodiac system that it utilizes, based on IRL astrological calendars. It keeps track of the current zodiac season, phase of the moon, if mercury is in retrograde, and your zodiac sign! Set your zodiac sign by saying !setzodiac MMDD (replace MMDD with your birthday.)

You can get your own horoscope, too! Say !horoscope or use the crystal ball button on your window view. The monthly horoscope is the same for every sign and changes based on the zodiac season. The weekly horoscope is unique to your sign and gets reset every week. You also get stats of your zodiac sign, and your luck fortune for the day. The effect of this on the dream is yet to be added, but you get an extra 20 luck on your birthday!

If you have absolutely terrible luck that day (0/100) or incredibly good luck (100/100), you get a special badge. The dream keeps track of how many days you've visited, which affects your rank/title. Your title will change based on the number of days you've visited. Titles are just for fun/don't affect you. Your current status can be checked by saying !variables. You can see what zodiac another furre is if they've set it, by saying !stats FURRENAME. Make sure to use the pipes | for spaces in a name or it won't work.


Warp to the different locations by saying the !location name. Say !locations to get a clickable list. Stars next to the locations mean there are furres. See the full map here.


You might catch a subway train going by.


The bar & lounge. Walk into a table to toggle the drinks.


Under construction. Staff may be sleeping.


The hallway between the garden and the bar. You can find bathrooms here.

Wash your hands!



It's always a good night to go stargazing.


Under Construction.

The current available localspecies (not all of them are shown). Made by me unless stated otherwise :)

local 1

local 2


Under Construction.

Many patches were taken from the roamheart archive or made by me. I am still working on this list.